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60EL Series Outer Roter BLDC Motor
12 pole industrial 1200w nema 60 Outer Roter BLDC Motor

60EL Series Outer Roter BLDC Motor

Product Detail

Outer rotor brushless dc motor a rotor inside and a much higher moment of inertia of the rotor(on the main quality is concentrated in the shell of the rotor), so the speed slower than inner rotor motor, which can be used to directly drive the load, and eliminate the mechanical retarding mechanism, especially suitable for low speed high torque, small volume, high output power.

Electrical Specifications

Motor Model60ELTH24453060ELTH24603060ELTH249030
Number of Phase3
Number of Poles16
Rated Voltage(VDC)24
Rated Speed(Rpm)3000
Rated Torque(N.m)
Rated Power(W)456090
Rated Current(A)
Peak Current(A)8.711.417.4
Peak Torque(N.M)0.450.60.9
Rotor Inertia(kg.cm2)
Torque Constant(N.m/A)
Torque Constant(V/krpm)
Line-Line Resistance(Ω)0.70.450.2
Line-Line Inductance(mH)

*Note:We can manufacture products according to customer’s requirements.

Wiring Diagram

2 pole bldc motor Wiring Diagram

Dimensions(Unit: mm)

12 pole bldc motor Dimensions

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