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16SYSE Low Voltage/AC Series Servo Motor

Basic Size: 40mm

Length (mm): 56mm-76mm

Rated Voltage (VDC/VAC): 24VDC 48VDC

Rated Torque (N.m): 0.16-0.32N.m

Rated Power (W): 50-100W

Rated Speed (Rpm): 3000Rpm

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Product Description

The design focus of the 16SYSE series servo motor is to provide high torque output and enhanced power capability, making it an ideal choice for high-end automation, robotics technology, high-precision machining equipment, and other applications that require precise motion control and long-lasting stable operation. The volume and power configuration of this motor enable it to elegantly handle larger mechanical loads, while high-quality manufacturing standards ensure reliability and durability under continuous and harsh working conditions. In addition, its multi voltage and AC/DC configuration options provide great flexibility and adaptability to different industrial environments.

Custom servo motors are specifically designed and manufactured to meet unique or specialized application requirements. These motors are tailored to specific parameters such as torque, speed, size, voltage, and other performance characteristics based on the customer's needs. Custom servo motors are often used in applications where standard off-the-shelf motors are not suitable or when specific performance criteria must be met.

A 3 phase servo motor refers to a servo motor with a power rating of 100 watts. Power rating indicates the motor's capability to deliver mechanical output power. These motors are typically used in applications that require moderate power and torque, such as small machinery, robotics, and automation systems. They offer precise control and reliable performance within their power range.

A low voltage servo motor operates at a lower voltage compared to standard servo motors. While standard servo motors often operate at higher voltages (such as 24V or 48V), low voltage servo motors are designed to work with lower voltage power supplies, typically in the range of 12V or even lower.

Electrical Specifications

Motor Model16SYTT48503016SYTT481030
Number of Phase3
Number of Poles10
Rated Voltage (VDC)48
Rated Speed (Rpm)3000
Rated Torque (N.m)0.160.32
Rated Power (W)50100
Rated Current (A)1.63.2
Peak Current (A)4.89.6
Peak Torque (N.M)0.480.96
Rotor Inertia (kg.cm2)0.0250.035
Torque Constant (N.m/A)0.120.12
Torque Constant (V/krpm)7.17.1
Line-Line Resistance (Ω)3.52.1
Line-Line Inductance (mH)3.02.0
Length (mm)5070
Weight (kg)0.420.57
Encoder Resolution (P/R)1000, 1024, 2500/17bit

*Note: We can manufacture products according to customer's requirements.

Wiring Diagram


Dimensions(Unit: mm)

24V dc servo motor Dimensions

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