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Welcome to Changzhou Baolong Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Our company established in 2004, is a high-tech enterprise, which is engaged in the development, production and selling kinds of micro motor and motion control systems.
The address of our company is No.510 Zhongwu Road, Qishuyan Changzhou Jiangsu,PRC. Our company telephone number is 0519-88386018. We try our best to win the client's trust by our high-quality products, excellent service and reasonable prices. We are becoming the leader of the micro motor industry.
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    Welcome to Changhzou Baolong Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
    Professional Mechanical And Electrical Service Provider
    • Medical
      Widely use the stepper motor and BLDC motor: low noise, low vibration, high precision, small volume.
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    • Robotics
      Geared stepper motor, servo motor, out rotor brushless motor apply to Robot arm, Collaborative robot.
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    • Textile
      stepper motor used for circular knitting machines.
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    • Industrial Control
      Baolong provides industrial automation solutions.
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    • Logistics
      Stepper motor and brushless motors can be used for AGVS, general robotics of grippers.
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    • Security
      Stepper motor apply to high speed ball, IP camera.
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    News Center
    29 2022-06
    As far as the application of hybrid stepper motor is concerned, not only the quality is very important and has a huge impact on its use effect, the model is also very important, and the right model must be selected for the motor to be installed and used properly and to function. So remind everyone to pay attention to the purchase of the motor at the beginning of a good selection, so as to lay a good foundation for the realization of the motor optimization application. Regarding the optimization of motor selection, there are many specific situations to consider, especially to remind you not to ignore the phase number selection.
    27 2022-06
    BLDC motor (BLDC) is not a true DC motor, but a type of permanent magnet synchronous motor. No mechanical brush device, using square wave automatic control permanent magnet synchronous motor, using NDFEB as permanent magnet material for rotor, brushless DC motor (BLDC) , which replaces carbon brush commutator with Hall effect sensor DC motor, is the most ideal speed-regulating motor at present.What's the difference between a BLDC motor and a Traditional DC motor?
    20 2022-06
    I. How to control the direction of stepper motor?1、You can change the direction level signal of the control system2、The wiring of the motor can be adjusted to change the direction, as follows.For two-phase motor, just swap the motor line of one phase to the driver, such as A+ and A- swap.
    11 2021-08
    Warmly celebrate the 18th anniversary of Baolong!
    29 2021-07
    On October 11-15, 2015, Powerlong Motor participated in the Hong Kong Global Sources Show. The Hong Kong Global Sources Show is the world's largest electronic product sourcing exhibition. Powerlong Motor participated in the exhibition as a component and attracted much attention from buyers. The picture shows the exhibition cabinet of Baolong Motor. On October 11-15, 2015, Baolong Motor participated in the Hong Kong Global Sources Exhibition.
    29 2021-07
    The 29th Germany Nuremberg Electric Automation and Components Exhibition was held at the local international exhibition center, and the exhibition time was 11.27~11.29.Changzhou Baolong Motor is located in Hall 3, Booth No. 3-316B.

      Changzhou Baolong Motor Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, design, production and marketing of stepper motors.

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