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Welcome to Changzhou Baolong Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Our company established in 2004, is a high-tech enterprise, which is engaged in the development, production and selling kinds of micro motor and motion control systems.
The address of our company is No.510 Zhongwu Road, Qishuyan Changzhou Jiangsu,PRC. Our company telephone number is 0519-88386018. We try our best to win the client's trust by our high-quality products, excellent service and reasonable prices. We are becoming the leader of the micro motor industry.
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  • Our Products
    Welcome to Changhzou Baolong Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
    Professional Mechanical And Electrical Service Provider
    • Medical
      Widely use the stepper motor and BLDC motor: low noise, low vibration, high precision, small volume.
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    • Robotics
      Geared stepper motor, servo motor, out rotor brushless motor apply to Robot arm, Collaborative robot.
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    • Textile
      stepper motor used for circular knitting machines.
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    • Industrial Control
      Baolong provides industrial automation solutions.
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    • Logistics
      Stepper motor and brushless motors can be used for AGVS, general robotics of grippers.
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    • Security
      Stepper motor apply to high speed ball, IP camera.
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    News Center
    02 2023-03
    With the low cost of motion control, designers of medical pumps often have to face the challenge of implementing precision.
    03 2023-02
    stepper motor and stepper motor driver constitute the stepper motor drive system.
    05 2023-01
    Today's work uses printers, embroidery machines, engraving machines, dispensing machines, and other equipment driven by stepper motors for power.
    14 2022-12
    With the development of science and technology, Servo Motors are widely used in various machinery fields because of their high precision, high-speed performance, and strong overload resistance.
    18 2022-11
    With the development of society, stepper motors can be seen in our daily work, whether it is monitors, copiers, printers, or fax machines. Stepper motor as the electrical pulse signal into an angular displacement or line displacement of the open-loop control of the motor. Under normal circumstances, the speed of the motor and the stop position depends only on the pulse signal frequency and the number of pulses and is not affected by changes in load. Although there is always a certain error between the angle turned by each step of the stepper motor and the theoretical step, the stepper motor has the same number of steps per week of the rotation, and the step error will not accumulate for a long time in the case of no lost steps.
    14 2022-11
    Brushless DC motor quiet, light and long life. A Brushless DC motor can realize more accurate motion control because of the current controlled by the computer. Because of all these advantages, Brushless DC motor motors are often used in modern equipment that requires low noise and low heat, especially for continuous operation. This could include washing machines, air conditioners, and other consumer electronics.

      Changzhou Baolong Motor Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, design, production and marketing of stepper motors.

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