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Welcome to Changzhou Baolong Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Our company established in 2004, is a high-tech enterprise, which is engaged in the development, production and selling kinds of micro motor and motion control systems.
The address of our company is No.510 Zhongwu Road, Qishuyan Changzhou Jiangsu,PRC. Our company telephone number is 0519-88386018. We try our best to win the client's trust by our high-quality products, excellent service and reasonable prices. We are becoming the leader of the micro motor industry.
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  • Our Products
    Welcome to Changhzou Baolong Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
    Professional Mechanical And Electrical Service Provider
    • Medical
      Widely use the stepper motor and BLDC motor: low noise, low vibration, high precision, small volume.
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    • Robotics
      Geared stepper motor, servo motor, out rotor brushless motor apply to Robot arm, Collaborative robot.
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    • Textile
      stepper motor used for circular knitting machines.
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    • Industrial Control
      Baolong provides industrial automation solutions.
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    • Logistics
      Stepper motor and brushless motors can be used for AGVS, general robotics of grippers.
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    • Security
      Stepper motor apply to high speed ball, IP camera.
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    News Center
    15 2022-08
    The conventional BLDC motor structure consists of a rotor (shaft, iron core, magnet, bearing), stator (shell, iron core, winding, sensor, end cap, etc.), and controller.
    08 2022-08
    Various motors are required in many fields, including the well-known stepping motor and servo motor. However, many users, do not understand the main difference between the two types of motor, so they always do not know how to choose. So what are the main differences between the stepping motor and servo motor?
    01 2022-08
    The Stepper motor is an actuator that converts electrical impulses into angular displacement. The Stepper motor can be used as a special motor for control. It is widely used in all kinds of open-loop control because it has no accumulated error (accuracy is 100%). So what are Stepper Motor's categories?
    25 2022-07
    Servo Motor is a special type of Motor, unlike most other motors, it is designed for precise positioning rather than controlled speed, its structure principle is:
    18 2022-07
    To overcome the disadvantages of mechanical commutation, Gearbox Brushless Motor, which replaces mechanical commutation with electronic commutation, comes into being.
    13 2022-07
    Many friends can not distinguish between DC Brush Motor and DC Brushless Motor, today we will simply introduce it! Hope to help everyone! The difference between a brushless DC motor and a brushless DC motor can be analyzed from four aspects:

      Changzhou Baolong Motor Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, design, production and marketing of stepper motors.

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