What are the advantages of BLDC motors?
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The conventional BLDC motor structure consists of a rotor (shaft, iron core, magnet, bearing), stator (shell, iron core, winding, sensor, end cap, etc.), and controller.


How BLDC motor works:

BLDC motor is a typical mechatronics engineering product, which consists of a motor body and a driver. The principle is the same as that of the brush motor, but the traditional commutator and carbon brush are replaced by the position sensor and the control circuit, to ensure that the motor produces a constant electromagnetic torque and steering, so that the motor rotation.


BLDC motor

BLDC motor pros:


1. Simple structure and reliable quality:

Cancel commutator, carbon brush, brush arm, and other parts, no commutator welding, finishing process.


Long Life:

The traditional commutator structure is replaced by an electronic component to avoid short-life problems caused by commutating sparks and mechanical wear between the carbon brush and the commutator. The life of the motor is increased by multiple.


3. Quiet and efficient:

No carbon brush and commutator structure, to avoid the carbon brush and commutator commutating spark and mechanical friction, resulting in noise, and heat, resulting in motor energy loss, reducing motor efficiency. The efficiency of a BLDC motor is 60-70%, while that of a BLDC motor is 75-90%


4. Wider Speed Regulation and control capabilities:

The motor output speed, torque, and position can be precisely controlled by using precision electronic components and sensors to realize intelligence and multi-function.


Those are the benefits of BLDC motor, and if you'd like to learn more about BLDC motor, stay tuned.

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