Causes of stepper motor missteps
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With the development of society, stepper motors can be seen in our daily work, whether it is monitors, copiers, printers, or fax machines. Stepper motor as the electrical pulse signal into an angular displacement or line displacement of the open-loop control of the motor. Under normal circumstances, the speed of the motor and the stop position depends only on the pulse signal frequency and the number of pulses and is not affected by changes in load. Although there is always a certain error between the angle turned by each step of the stepper motor and the theoretical step, the stepper motor has the same number of steps per week of the rotation, and the step error will not accumulate for a long time in the case of no lost steps.

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Those mentioned above are in the case of no loss of step, and In the following, we will elaborate on the factors that cause the stepping motor to lose a step.

(1) improper selection of stepper motor, the motor torque is not enough, or the inertia of the object movement exceeds the self-locking force of the motor, resulting in the loss of steps or lost steps.

(2) improper driver selection, supporting the driver currently is small, affecting the normal operation of the motor, now on the market many current false label drivers, take the peak current when the rated current to fool consumers, driver selection rated current should be greater than the rated current of the stepper motor 1.2-1.5 times.

(3) improper selection of supporting power supply, supporting power supply should be 1.5-2 times the rated power of the drive, power supply false label than the drive false label more serious.

(4) the control part should exclude interference, be away from the inverter, anti-static. Equipment does a good job of grounding treatment to prevent induction of electricity. Signal lines do a good job of shielding treatment, setting the appropriate start frequency, and do a good job of acceleration and deceleration rotor acceleration is slower than the rotating magnetic field of the stepper motor, the rotor speed is lower than the speed of the phase change, the motor will produce an out-of-step, which is due to the lack of electrical energy input to the motor, the resulting torque can not make the rotor speed to keep up with the rotating speed of the stator magnetic field, thus causing an out-of-step. The average rotor speed is higher than the rotational speed of the stator field, which is a long time for the stator to be energized and excited than the time required for stepping. The rotor gains too much energy during the stepping process, resulting in too much torque generated by the motor and thus causing the motor to overstep.

The above causes the stepper motor to lose a step. The stepper motor driver needs to be properly selected. Only choosing the right suitable stepper driver can make the stepper motor play its advantages of accurate control. If you want to know more detailed information, welcome to consult!


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