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Brushless DC motor uses and characteristics
 Nov 14, 2022|View:76

Brushless DC motorquiet, light and long life. A Brushless DC motor can realize more accurate motion control because of the current controlled by the computer. Because of all these advantages, Brushless DC motor motors are often used in modern equipment that requires low noise and low heat, especially for continuous operation. This could include washing machines, air conditioners, and other consumer electronics.

Brushless DC motor

They may even be the primary power source for service robots, which need to be controlled very carefully for safety reasons. Brushless DC motor motors offer several distinct advantages over other types of motors, which is why they have made their way into so many household items and may be a major factor in the growth of service robots in and out of the industry.

What are the characteristics of a Brushless DC motor?

1. Long life

Pump components are manufactured using better raw materials, equipment, and technology to increase service life exponentially; all moving parts are made of durable products, coupled with high-quality brushless motors, and all-around improvement of pump service life.

2. Brushless motor technology

(1) PWM speed regulating function: the flow of the pump can be directly regulated by the circuit (PWM pulse width modulation), without valve regulation, to simplify the gas system, to meet different loads, constant current, and other application speeds.

(2) motor feedback function: motor speed feedback signal (FG) line, can know the pump flow change. Through the cooperation of FG signal and PWM function, it is very convenient to realize the closed-loop control and make your system more intelligent. Far better than the current majority of motor open-loop control (given the signal adjustment, the motor completed after the end of the action, whether to achieve, how much to achieve can not be confirmed, let alone according to feedback for the next control).

(3) motor start-stop function: control different voltage (0-5v) to control start-stop.

(4) there is another rich speed control work: (built-in Point Controller, external potentiometer, analog signal, pulse frequency, etc.).

(5) less interference: Unlike brushless motors, there is the noise that can contaminate the power supply, interfere with the electronic component, and even cause the control circuit and LCD screen to crash; it does not interfere with the control circuit.

(6) it has the self-protection function of over-temperature, under-voltage, and overload protection.

The above is Brushless DC motor use and characteristics, we hope to help you better understand our products, if you have other questions or needs, you can contact us.

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