What are stepper motor categories?
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stepper motor is a discrete control motor that converts the electric pulse excitation signal into the corresponding angular displacement or line displacement. This kind of motor moves every time an electric pulse is an input, so it is also called a pulse motor. So what are the categories?


1. Electromechanical stepper motor

The electromechanical stepper motor is composed of an iron core, Coil, gear mechanism, etc. . When the solenoid coil is electrified, it will produce magnetic force, which will drive the core to move, and make the output shaft rotate at an angle through the gear mechanism, and keep the output shaft in a new working position through the anti-rotation gear, and the coil will be electrified again, the rotating shaft rotates an angle to carry out step-by-step movement in turn.


2. Magnetoelectric stepper motor

Magneto stepper motor has the advantages of simple structure, high reliability, low price, and wide application. There are mainly permanent magnet types, magnetoresistive types, and hybrid types.

(1) Permanent magnet stepper motor. Its rotor has the magnetic pole of a permanent magnet and produces the polarity alternating magnetic field in the air gap, the stator is composed of four-phase winding.


stepper motor

(2) Reluctance stepper motor. The internal and external surfaces of the iron cores of the stator and rotor are provided with cogging slots which are distributed regularly.


(3) Hybrid stepper motor. Its stator and rotor core structure and magnetoresistive stepper motor are similar. The rotor has a permanent magnet which generates a unipolar magnetic field in the air gap. The magnetic field is modulated by the cogging of the soft magnetic material on the rotor.


3. Linear stepper motor

The linear stepper motor is produced by the interaction of the magnetic rotor core and pulses electromagnetic field produced by the stator. The linear stepper motor transforms the rotary motion into linear motion.


These are stepper motor classification, stepper motor advantage is no cumulative error, simple structure, easy to use and maintenance, and low manufacturing costs, if you have a need for this, you can contact us.


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