Baolong stepper motor application field Basic structure and vibration noise
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stepper motor Application:

1.  Security: ball machine system, pan tilt system, video surveillance system;
2.  Office Automation: copier and scanner、printer、Multifunctional integrated machine;
3.  Stage lighting: focus, light direction control, color change and spot control, lighting effects.
4.  Banking sector: banknote counting machines, bills processing, credit card manufacturing, ATM machines, etc.
5.Industry: textile machine、packaging system、CNC machine、assembly line equipment and robot.
6.Medical treatment: hematology analyzer, chemical analyzer, CT scanner;
7.Communication: signal conditioning, mobile antenna positioning;
8.Automobile: EGR valve, SCR valve, intake system valve;

9.Rail traffic: gate machine、ETC、Automatic door.

Basic structure of Baolong stepper motor

stepper motor recise position control:

According to the number of input pulses, the angle of shaft rolling is determined. The position error is very small and does not accumulate.

stepper motor Precise speed:

The speed of stepper motor depends on the frequency of input electrical pulse, which can achieve precise control and convenient adjustment. Therefore, it is widely used in various fields of motion control.

Forward / reverse rotation, emergency stop and locked kinetic energy:

Effective control of motor torque and position can be achieved in the whole speed range, including static torque. When motor is locked(there is current in the motor winding, but there is no external rotating pulse instruction input), it still maintains a certain torque output.

Precise position control under low speed condition:
Stepper motor can run smoothly at very low speed without the adjustment of gearbox. At the same time, it can output larger torque, which avoids the loss of efficiency and the deviation of angle and position. Also, it reduces the cost and saves space.

Longer service life:

Compared with ordinary DC motors, brushes and commutators are not needed to adjust the phase difference, thus reducing friction and prolonging the service life of the motor.

When stepper motor runs in no-load condition, resonance will occur when the operating frequency of the motor is close to or equal to the natural frequency of the motor rotor. The more serious phenomenon is out of step.

stepper motor Solutions for resonance:

A. Avoid vibration area
Make sure the working frequency of the motor does not fall within the vibration range.

B. uses subdivided driving mode.
The micro step driving mode is adopted to improve the resolution ratio of each step of the motor and reduce vibration. It can be realized by adjusting the phase current ratio of the motor. Micro step does not increase the accuracy of step angle, but makes the motor run more smoothly and has less noise. The torque of ordinary micro-step motor will be 15% smaller than that of the whole step, while the torque will be reduced by 30% when using sinusoidal current control

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