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Gearbox Brushless Motor and the difference between the Brush Motor
 Oct 10, 2022|View:70

Gearbox Brushless Motoris a typical mechatronics engineering product consisting of a Motor body and a driver. So What's the difference between it and a brush motor?

(1) scope of application:

Gearbox Brushless Motor: usually used in higher control requirements, high-speed equipment, such as aircraft models, precision instruments, such as Motor speed control strict, high-speed equipment.

Brush motor: usually the power equipment using brush motors, such as hair dryers, factory motors, household exhaust hoods, etc. . In addition, the series motor speed can also be very high, however, due to wear and tear of carbon brush, service life is not as good as Gearbox Brushless Motor.

(2) service life:

Gearbox Brushless Motor: typically in the tens of thousands of hours, but Gearbox Brushless Motorlife varies greatly depending on the bearings.

Brush Motor: the continuous working life of the brush motor is usually hundreds to more than 1,000 hours, reaching the limit of use needed to replace the carbon brush, or it is easy to cause bearing wear.

(3) effect:

Gearbox Brushless Motor: usually digital frequency control, strong controllability, from a few revolutions per minute, to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute can be easily achieved.

Brush Motor: the old brush motor usually starts after the working speed is constant, speed is not very easy, the series motor can also reach 20000 rpm, but the service life will be shorter.

Gearbox Brushless Motor

(4) energy saving:

Gearbox Brushless Motorusing frequency conversion technology control will be much more energy-saving than the series Motor, the most typical is the frequency conversion air conditioning and refrigerator.

(5) future maintenance:

Brushless Motor needs to replace the carbon brush, if not replaced in time will cause Motor damage, and Gearbox Brushless Motor, service life is very long, usually brush Motor is more than 10 times, but need to replace the Motor, but there is little need for routine maintenance.

(6) noise:

Whether or not is a brush motor, mainly depends on the bearing and motor's internal components with the situation.

(7) indicators:

The parameters of Gearbox Brushless Motorinclude shape dimension, weight, voltage range, no-load current, maximum current, etc., there is no lack of a vital index K value, which is a unique performance parameter of Gearbox Brushless Motor, Gearbox Brushless Motorperformance characteristics of an important data.

That's the difference between Gearbox Brushless Motorand Brush Motor. I hope I can help you. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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