Why use Gearbox Stepper Motor?
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Stepper motors are known for their precise positioning and high torque transfer capability at low speeds, but careful sizing is required to ensure that the motors match the load and application parameters, thus will be out of step or the possibility of the motor stall to a minimum. So why use Gearbox Stepper Motor?


The reason for out-of-step of inertia step motor in the application. The ratio of the inertia of the load to the inertia of the motor determines the ability of the motor to drive and control the load, especially in the acceleration and deceleration parts of the motion. If the inertia of the load is much higher than the inertia of the motor, it will be difficult for the motor to control the load. And there may be overhead or negative pulse signals. The very high inertia ratio of the load motor may cause the gear motor to consume too much current and stall.


One way to reduce the inertia ratio is to use larger motors with higher inertia. However, this means higher costs, heavier weights, and a trickle-down effect on other parts of the system, such as couplings, cables, and drive components. But adding Gearbox Stepper Motor to the system can reduce the inertia ratio of load, that is, the square of the deceleration ratio.


Gearbox Stepper Motor

Another reason to use the Gearbox Stepper Motor is to add more torque to drive the load. When the load is driven by a motor reduction gearbox combination, the gearbox multiplies the torque from the motor, which is proportional to the reduction ratio and the efficiency of the gearbox.


However, although the transmission can increase torque, speed will be reduced. In other words, when a gearbox is added to the motor, the motor must rotate faster to provide the target speed to drive the load.


The ratio of torque reduction to speed increase of the stepper motor is the same, which is caused by the loss of starting torque. The inverse relationship between speed and torque is that until the motor can provide the required torque, the only real thing is to increase speed.


However, there are real benefits to increasing the speed of the motor. After the Motor is installed in Gearbox Stepper Motor, the Motor runs out of the range of resonance frequency. To ensure that the gearbox has the correct torque, speed, and inertia values, it is important to select a high-precision, low-clearance gearbox, especially when the gearbox is connected to the stepper motor.


Recall that in an open-loop system with a stepper motor, the backlash in the gearbox reduces the positioning accuracy of the system, with no feedback to monitor or correct the setting error. This is why step-by-step applications typically use high-precision planetary gearboxes with clearances as low as 2 to 3 arc minutes.


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