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Overview of the Step Servo System
 Sep 05, 2022|View:76

According to P & S market research, the demand for micro-motors due to mechanization and technological innovation, as well as the competitive growth due to the cost-effectiveness of the Step Servo Systemitself, the 2023 global market for stepper motors is expected to exceed $2.55 billion.

For applications that do not require high-performance servomotors, stepper motors have always had a place in the field of automation equipment, thanks to their low price and high torque output of the same size. Although the stepping motor needs a tedious test to avoid resonance region, and because of the lack of effective feedback, making selection more difficult and other disadvantages.

Step Servo System

But in recent years, this disadvantage has been remedied by the development of the Step Servo System, often referred to as aClosed-loop Step control, which is based on highly adaptive current regulation and feedback of control signals, in the same way as the servo motor, the position of the rotor is detected by the encoder signal, and the corresponding sine wave current is generated in the motor winding.

The vector control of the magnetic field ensures that the magnetic field direction of the stator is always perpendicular to that of the rotor and that the magnetic field strength corresponds precisely to the required torque. Compared to a Servo motor of the same size, the Step Servo Systemcan theoretically obtain two to three times the continuous torque of a Servo motor when the speed is maintained at 20% to 50% of its rated speed, because of the low price of Step motor, Step Servo Systemis an ideal economical alternative to Servo motor.

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