Brushless DC motor maintenance and maintenance
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The Brushless DC motor is a kind of electronic conversion of a low-power motor. Is a typical mechatronics engineering product consisting of a motor body and a driver? So how should it be maintained and maintained?


1. Commutator maintenance and maintenance.

The commutator is a very important part of the Brushless DC motor, which is also one of the main reasons for motor failure. One of the most difficult to deal with is the commutator this one, the commutator's working condition is directly related to the working condition of the DC motor, so must strengthen maintenance.


The main fault of the commutator is in the commutator spark, to make the motor better operation we must keep the commutator surface clean, to do regular cleaning. If the Brushless DC motor commutator surface has slight stripes or grooves. Then the commutator can be polished or abrasive treatment and then use a clean silk cloth to wipe the commutator surface, which is conducive to the formation of an oxide film protection commutator.


Brushless DC motor

2. Bearing maintenance and maintenance.

The maintenance lubrication of the bearing is generally decided by the speed of the bearing, the working temperature, the working environment, the environmental temperature, and so on, because the time is long the bearing sheet inside will have old oil or some other sundries.


In addition, the inner and outer rings of the bearing should be checked for ring running. In addition, also often measure the Brushless DC motor bearing clearance to check whether there are cracks, rust stain discoloration, and other phenomena, but also can rotate Brushless DC motor bearings should be smooth sound uniformity, no jamming phenomenon.


To sum up, the maintenance and maintenance of a Brushless DC motor mainly lies in the maintenance of its commutator and bearing, because these two important components play an absolute factor in the service life of the Brushless DC motor, only in this way can the Brushless DC motor less failure, thus extending its service life.


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