Classification of Stepper Motor
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The Stepper motor is an actuator that converts electrical impulses into angular displacement. The Stepper motor can be used as a special motor for control. It is widely used in all kinds of open-loop control because it has no accumulated error (accuracy is 100%). So what are Stepper Motor's categories?


Variable reluctance (VR) :


When the stator coil is not excited by magnetic voltage, the torque is kept at zero, so the inertia of the rotor is small and the response is good, but the allowable load inertia is not large. The step angle is usually 15 °



Permanent Magnet (PM Type) :


The rotor is composed of the permanent magnet, its magnetization direction is radial magnetization, and there is no exciting torque. According to the material of the rotor, the stepping angles are 45 °, 90 °, and 7.5 °, 11.25 °, 15 °, 18 °, etc. .


stepper motor


Hybrid (HB Type) :


The rotor is made of axially magnetized magnets, and the magnetic poles are made into double poles. It combines the advantages of the variable reluctance stepper motor and the permanent magnet stepper motor. It has high accuracy, high torque, and a small step angle.



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