What is the structure and principle of Servo Motor?
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Servo Motor is a special type of Motor, unlike most other motors, it is designed for precise positioning rather than controlled speed, its structure principle is:



Structure of Servo Motor


Servo Motor is generally composed of stator and rotor, stator has two windings, namely, excitation winding and control winding, two windings in the space difference of 90 ° electric angle, internal current, angle, eccentricity signals, etc., a cable is connected to the server, which corrects the drive signal to the Servo Motor.



Principle of Servo Motor


The Servo Motor itself has the function of sending out pulses, the Servo Motor mainly depends on the pulse to locate, each rotation angle will send out the corresponding number of pulses, thus, and the Servo Motor received the pulse formed from the Echo or a closed loop. In this way, the system will know how many pulses are sent to Servo Motor and how many are sent back. In this way, it can accurately control the rotation of the Motor and achieve accurate positioning, it can reach 0.001 m.


 Servo Motor

Is Servo Motor AC or DC?


The motor can be divided into two kinds of DC Motor and AC Motor, Servo Motor both DC Motor and AC Motor.



Exchange Servo Motor


The rotor inside AC Servo Motor is a permanent magnet. U-8-W three-phase electric field controlled by the driver forms an electromagnetic field. The rotor rotates under the action of this magnetic field. At the same time, the encoder inside the Motor feeds back the signal to the driver, and the drive adjusts the rotor rotation angle by comparing the feedback value with the target value. The accuracy of Servo Motor depends on the accuracy of the encoder.



DC Servo Motor


DC Servo Motor includes stator, rotor core, Motor shaft, Servo Motor winding commutator, Servo Motor winding, tachometer Motor winding, and tachometer Motor commutator, the rotor core is composed of silicon steel punching sheets which are laminated and fixed on the motor rotor shaft. DC motor has good precision speed control characteristics, but also in the entire speed zone to achieve smooth control, almost no oscillation, high efficiency, and no heat.



AC Servo Motor and DC Servo Motor then glue together, in terms of the function of AC Servo is better, because the sine wave control, Torque Ripple is small, and DC Servo Motor is a trapezoid wave. But DC Servo Motor's advantage is simpler than the school, Cheap.



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