Advantages and disadvantages of Hybrid Linear Motor
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There are three main types of stepper motors in construction: reactive, permanent-magnet and hybrid. Today I'm going to tell you about Hybrid Linear Motor and its advantages and disadvantages.


Reactive: stator winding, rotor by the soft magnetic material. Simple structure, low cost, small step angle, up to 1.2 ° , but poor dynamic performance, low efficiency, large heating, reliability is difficult to guarantee.


Permanent magnet type: permanent magnet stepper motor rotor made of permanent magnet material, rotor pole number and stator pole number of the same. It is characterized by good dynamic performance and large output torque, but the motor precision is poor and the step angle is large (generally 7.5 °or 15 °) .


Hybrid Linear Motor

Hybrid: Hybrid Linear Motor combines the advantages of reactive Motor and permanent magnet Motor. It has multi-phase winding on stator, permanent magnet material on rotor, multiple teeth on rotor and stator to improve step accuracy. Its characteristics are large output torque, good dynamic performance, small step angle, but the structure is complex, relatively high cost.


According to the stator winding to be divided, a total of two-phase, three-phase and five-phase series. Two-phase hybrid stepping motor, about 97% of the market share, the reason is high cost-effective, with the sub-driver after good results. The basic step angle of the motor is 1.8 °/step, with half-step driver, the step angle is reduced to 0.9 °, with subdivision driver, the step angle can be subdivided up to 256 times (0.007°/micro-step) . Due to friction and manufacturing accuracy, the actual control accuracy is slightly lower. The same step motor can be equipped with different sub-drive to change the accuracy and effect.


Advantages of Hybrid Linear Motor.


The angle of rotation of the motor is proportional to the number of pulses.

The motor has the maximum torque when it stops (when the winding is magnetized) .

Because the precision of each step is between 3% and 5% , and the error of one step is not accumulated to the next step, the position precision and the motion repeatability are better.

Excellent start-stop and reverse response.

Because there is no brush, high reliability, so the life of the motor depends only on the life of the bearing.

The response of the motor is only determined by the digital input pulse, so it can be controlled by open-loop control, which makes the structure of the motor more simple and control costs.

Simply connecting the load directly to the motor shaft allows for very low-speed synchronous rotation.

Since the speed is proportional to the pulse frequency, there is a wide speed range.


Hybrid Linear Motor

Hybrid Linear Motor cons.


If it is not controlled properly, resonance will occur easily.

It is difficult to operate at a high speed.

It is difficult to obtain a large torque.

No advantage in terms of volume and weight, low efficient energy use.

Over-load will break the synchronization, high-speed work will be issued vibration and noise.


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