What to look for when buying a hybrid stepper motor
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As far as the application of hybrid stepper motor is concerned, not only the quality is very important and has a huge impact on its use effect, the model is also very important, and the right model must be selected for the motor to be installed and used properly and to function. So remind everyone to pay attention to the purchase of the motor at the beginning of a good selection, so as to lay a good foundation for the realization of the motor optimization application. Regarding the optimization of motor selection, there are many specific situations to consider, especially to remind you not to ignore the phase number selection.

2 Phase Hybrid Stepping motor

Remind everyone in the purchase of hybrid stepper motor do not ignore the phase number selection, mainly because in the many motor selection factors need to be considered, many people think that the phase number selection is not very important, so in this is often their own random selection, in the purchase of motors do not do this aspect of the consideration. But in fact, the number of phases is a very critical selection factor, because different phase number of motor work effect is not the same. The more the number of phases, the smaller the step angle can be done, the work of vibration is relatively small. But specifically on the application, the use of two-phase, three-phase, five-phase hybrid stepper motor will be more, if it is a high-speed large torque working environment, it is best to use three-phase hybrid stepper motor is.

2 Phase Hybrid Stepping motor

It can be seen that in order to ensure good stepper motor selection, to ensure that the choice of motor in all aspects of whether the application is suitable, fully meet the requirements, it is very necessary to pay attention to consider the number of phases, to ensure a good choice in the number of phases.

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