Do you understand the advantages and characteristics of BLDC motor?
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BLDC motor (BLDC) is not a true DC motor, but a type of permanent magnet synchronous motor. No mechanical brush device, using square wave automatic control permanent magnet synchronous motor, using NDFEB as permanent magnet material for rotor, brushless DC motor (BLDC) , which replaces carbon brush commutator with Hall effect sensor DC motor, is the most ideal speed-regulating motor at present.

What's the difference between a BLDC motor and a Traditional DC motor?

BLDC motor

Good speed regulation performance, starting performance and so on are the advantages of the DC motor. Brush DC motor is also a kind of DC motor its driving method is simple, using mechanical commutator. But it is easy to damage, limit the scope of use, easy to be affected by dust, reduce the reliability of work, the structure is relatively complex, increase manufacturing costs and so on are the shortcomings of the brush motor. Because BLDC motor does not use mechanical brush device, so it has a DC motor speed good performance, start-up performance, the utility model also has the advantages of no commutating spark, simple structure, easy maintenance, reliable operation, etc. .

BLDC motor have the following features:

1.any speed can be full power operation, speed range;

2. Strong overload capacity and high efficiency;

3.Because the rotor is permanent magnet material, the motor can enter the generator state when braking, so the BLDC motor regenerative braking effect is good;

4, high power density, small volume;

5, no mechanical commutator high reliability, can prevent dust into the internal motor, the use of fully enclosed structure;

6, drive control is simple;

These are the advantages and characteristics of BLDC motor. If you want to know more about the DC motor, you can follow us. We are a professional manufacturer of BLDC motor.


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