The difference between stepping motor and servo motor
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Various motors are required in many fields, including the well-known stepping motor and servo motor. However, many users, do not understand the main difference between the two types of motor, so they always do not know how to choose. So what are the main differences between the stepping motor and servo motor?


The stepping motor can control the angle and speed of the stepping motor by the number and frequency of the input pulses, without a feedback signal. But stepping motor is not suitable for use in the same direction for a long time, easy to burn out the product, even if the use of the stepping motor is usually short-distance frequent action is better.


Stepping motor

The control method is different.

The stepping motor controls the rotation angle by controlling the number of pulses, one pulse corresponds to one step angle.

The servo motor controls the rotation angle by controlling the length of the pulse time.


Running performance is different.

The stepping motor is a kind of open-loop control, which can cause out-of-step or blocking when starting frequency is too high or the load is too large, so it is necessary to deal with the speed problem or increase the encoder's closed-loop control when using the stepping motor, see what a closed-loop stepping motor is.

The servo motor uses closed-loop control, is easier to control, and does not have the out-of-step phenomenon.


The required work equipment and workflow are different.

The stepping motor requires a power supply (the voltage required is given by the driver parameters), a pulse generator (now mostly in plates), a stepping motor, and a stepping motor, driver (the driver set the step angle, such as set the step angle to 0.45 °, at this time, to a pulse, the motor to go 0.45 °); Stepping motor usually needs two pulses in its workflow: signal pulse and direction pulse.


The power supply required for the servo motor is a switch (relay switch or relay board card), a servo motor; its workflow is a power connection switch, and then connected to the servo motor.


To sum up, the stepping motor and servo motor are different from each other in working principle, control mode, and performance. But each has its advantages, and users need to combine their actual needs and application scenarios if they want to make a choice.

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