Stepper motor and hybrid stepper motor driver common problems and solutions
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I. How to control the direction of stepper motor?

1、You can change the direction level signal of the control system

2、The wiring of the motor can be adjusted to change the direction, as follows.

For two-phase motor, just swap the motor line of one phase to the driver, such as A+ and A- swap.

For three-phase motors, the two adjacent phases of the motor line exchange, such as: A, B, C three-phase, exchange A, B two-phase on

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Second, stepper motor vibration is large, the noise is also very large, what causes?

This situation is encountered because the stepper motor work in the oscillation zone, the solution.

1, change the input signal frequency CP to avoid the oscillation zone.

2, the use of subdivision drive, so that the step angle is reduced, running smoothly.

Third, why the stepper motor is powered on, the motor does not run?

Due to the following reasons will cause the motor does not turn.

1, overload blocking rotation (at this time the motor has a whistling sound)

2, whether the motor is in the offline state

3, whether the control system has a pulse signal to the stepper motor driver, the wiring is not a problem

Fourth, stepper motor jitter, can not run continuously, how to do?

encounter this situation, first check the motor winding and driver connection there is no connection error

Check whether the input pulse signal frequency is too high, whether the lift frequency design is not reasonable.

V. Under what condition is the offline signal FREE of hybrid stepper motor driver normally used?

When the offline signal FREE is low, the current from the driver to the motor is cut off and the motor rotor is in a free state (offline state). In some automation equipment, if direct rotation of the motor shaft is required without the drive being powered up (manual mode), the FREE signal can be set low to take the motor offline for manual operation or adjustment. After the manual operation is finished, set the FREE signal high again to continue the automatic control.

VI. How to choose the power supply for hybrid stepper motor driver?

Determine the power supply voltage of the driver, and then determine the operating current; the power supply current is generally determined according to the output phase current I of the driver. If the linear power supply is used, the power supply current can generally be 1.1 to 1.3 times of I. If the switching power supply is used, the power supply current can generally be 1.5 to 2.0 times of I.

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Seven, how to choose the hybrid stepper motor driver supply voltage?

hybrid stepper motor driver, are wide voltage input, input voltage a wide range can be selected; supply voltage is usually based on the motor's working speed and response requirements to choose. If the motor working speed is higher or the response requirement is faster, then the voltage value is also higher, but pay attention to the ripple of the supply voltage should not exceed the maximum input voltage of the driver, otherwise it may damage the driver. If you choose a lower voltage is conducive to the smooth operation of the stepper motor, vibration is small.

Eight, the subdivision of the drive whether the fine fraction can represent the accuracy?

Subdivision is also called micro-step, the main purpose is to attenuate or eliminate the low-frequency vibration of the stepper motor, improve the running accuracy of the motor is only an incidental function of the subdivision technology. For example, for a two-phase hybrid stepper motor with a stepping angle of 1.8, if the fine fraction of the subdivision driver is set to 4, then the motor's operating resolution is 0.45 per pulse, and whether the motor's accuracy can reach or approach 0.45 depends on other factors such as the subdivision current control accuracy of the subdivision driver. The accuracy of the subdivision drive of different manufacturers may vary greatly; the larger the fraction of precision, the more difficult to control.

Why does the torque of stepper motor decrease with the increase of speed?

When the stepper motor rotates, the inductance of each phase of the motor winding will form a reverse electric potential; the higher the frequency, the greater the reverse electric potential. Under its action, the motor current decreases with the increase of frequency (or speed), which leads to the decrease of torque.


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